RE/MAX - the world's largest real estate network

Established in 1973, RE/MAX has grown into the world’s largest real estate network of professional and independent operated offices.

Today it is one of the best known real estate brands in Nothern America, Southern America,Central America & the Caribbean and Europe. For the past years RE/MAX has also been focusing in opening its first office in Asia. In 2015 the RE/MAX balloon also has landed in Malaysia after opening also in the following countries; Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Mongolia and the Philippines.

The recipe for success at RE/MAX is our focus on people – the clients, the agents, the broker/owners. Providing agents and broker/owners with the best tools, valuable support and educational opportunities, RE/MAX ensures a consistently high standard of real estate services to all our clients. Moreover, both clients and agents benefit from the excellent international network and collaboration between offices that simplifies buying and selling houses internationally.



Welcome to RE/MAX Malaysia

RE/MAX is the world's largest real estate network operating in over 100 countries, 7000 offices and 106,000 sales agents. Recently RE/MAX 
Malaysia opened the doors in Malaysia with a unique proven business model, which has enjoyed a great and successful track record on 
a worldwide basis for the past 40 years. Our office here is registered as Kellerhof International Sdn. Bhd. E (1) 1636.

The RE/MAX business model offers the tools for Real Estate Agents(REA) and Real Estate Negotiators (REN) to identify new opportunities 
and the solutions for all the challenges that entrepreneurs face in today's real estate industry. 


Why RE/MAX Malaysia?

Find out why RE/MAX Malaysia makes more sense and find out how to start today. The reasons are compelling and will support you in 
becoming involved with a leading real estate brand. Here are the 6 main reasons to join RE/MAX Malaysia:

  • More business: Because of the international brand and working together in a network over 104.000 real estate professionals, you will 
  • have a jumpstart for your business;
  • More Technology: with RE/MAX you will also get the support of the best and latest technologies. Your business will efficient, globally 
  • converted and fully mobile;
  • More Training: The more you learn, the more you earn. RE/MAX gives you access to a large scale of training modules, videos, manuals and 
  • weekly webinars. Upgrade your skills a become a highly productive real estate professional;
  • More Sales: RE/Max by far has are the most productive real estate professionals in the world. Learn more about the brand and the systems 
  • and also uplift your sales;
  • More Leads: with the marketing experience that RE/MAX has been bringing to the market for the last 40 years, you will have access to all 
  • the advertising channels to generate a massive amounts of leads; and
  • More Income: Learn to close more transactions and get more referrals here and worldwide. In other words, get buyers for Malaysian projects. 

And we offer so much more: more referrals, more listings, more support from experienced agents, more advertising, more coaching and 
more repeated customers.

Become a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent(REA) or Real Estate Negotiator (REN)

Are you ready to take full control of your sales career? There’s a reason RE/MAX attracts the most productive real estate professionals in the 
business. The network’s entrepreneur-based business model, along with RE/MAX education and support, means that agents are in business 
for themselves, but not by themselves. Find out what being part of the most productive and most trusted real estate network can do for your 

Find out why you should Join RE/MAX.


To find out more about the RE/MAX Malaysia, please send us an email for a presentation. We are more than glad to invite you to our office and 
show what the RE/MAX effect can do for you.

For enquiries on starting Branch offices or the opportunities for a Real Estate Agent (REA) or Real Estate Negotiator (REN), 
please send an email to