The RE/MAX Branch Owner - In Business for Yourself – but Not by Yourself.

At RE/MAX Malaysia you run your business independently, but you are never alone in daily operations or in long-term business planning. You are always backed by RE/MAX’s strong network , benefiting from support in training, referrals, marketing, technology and administration. This enables you to reach your full potential by concentrating on what you do best. 

The advantage to RE/MAX Branch Owners is the fact that RE/MAX business model offers you optimal support for your Branch project as you develop it : sales seminars, script training sessions for agents and the unique RE/MAX Advantage System are powerful tools to help you succeed against the competition.

Join RE/MAX Malaysia and win - as a successful partner
“Everybody Wins” – this is a key statement of the RE/MAX philosophy. Your first step towards success in real estate is when you join the RE/MAX network. With nearly 40 years of real estate experience, the RE/MAX organization is a global leader in real estate sales – nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX. 


Innovative Concept

This environment of a professional culture is the best premise for realizing the RE/MAX concept of “being in business for yourself, but not by yourself” in which everyone has their own part to focus on and be successful in: Regional Directors guide  Branch Owners in recruiting, retaining and supporting Real Estate Agents (REA) and Real Estate Negotiators ( REN). Branch Owners motivate their Real Estate Agents (REA) & Real Estate Negotiators (REN) and provide them with support for any real estate endeavours. 


Clever System

The “Everybody Wins” strategy both closes the winning circle and opens the door to constant growth, from which everyone benefits. In an environment where everybody focuses on their specific tasks and goals, they can also fully rely on the others to fulfill their part – Regional/State Directors drive market growth, Branch Owners lead their group and Real Estate Agents (REA) & Real Estate Negotiators (REN) provide top notch services to end customers who rely on professional guidance in every real estate decision.


Always Open for Everyone

The Regional Owners and Directors guide their Branch Owners – the backbone of the global growth – in supporting and motivating their Real Estate Agents (REA) & Real Estate Negotiators (REN). The Branch Owners provide opportunities and business planning and in turn, Real Estate Agents (REA) & Real Estate Negotiators (REN) concentrate on relaying those maximum services to their end customers. 


RE/MAX University

To guarantee consistency and up to date delivery in the training standards across RE/MAX, the RE/MAX University has been established to provide exactly that – ongoing training and continuous education throughout the year for your Agents (REA) & Negotiators (REN). 


RE/MAX is changing the way real estate is sold

The RE/MAX cooperation model has already proven to be successful around the globe. And we are consistently moving forward. This means that RE/MAX Real Estate Agents (REA) & Real Estate Negotiators (REN) will continue to play an even greater role in the local and international market – if for no other reason, due to their outstanding training. Customers rely on premium service. Thus RE/MAX will continue to invest in quality in all areas to gain customers through quality.

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