You have big plans? You’re open to new challenges and are looking to drive your career forward to the next level? You love high-quality real estate and have a talent for sales powered by success? In that case, RE/MAX is just right for you! 


How to become a Professional REAL ESTATE NEGOTIATOR?

RE/MAX is now in Malaysia!
With cutting-edge technology and proven systems worldwide and having the most successful real estate people all over the world, 
you deserve to come and hear us out.In this fast moving world and no-so-good market conditions, you need to arm yourself 
with the latest marketing tools to close more deals.

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Nobody in the world sells more properties than RE/MAX! And as the best-known and fastest growing real estate network we are always on the lookout for new talented individuals to join our teams. Regardless of whether you’re a well-seasoned pro or new to the property business: at RE/MAX your career is in the best possible hands. You’re already an experienced agent? Switching over to RE/MAX, the best in the business, will set you on course for even greater success! Benefit from our strong brand, the mutual exchange of experience that our global network offers, continuous training, professional marketing tools and innovative technologies.

Are you still new to the industry? If so, you should bring with you perseverance,  the will to succeed and a service-oriented mindset. In return you’ll benefit too from the strength of our globally established brand right from Day One. At our company you’ll work independently – but you’ll never be left on your own. There is always the support of our network for you to rely on! We’ll also train you up to excel in your role as agent with carefully conceived and ongoing training programs. 

The result: maximum success – and extremely satisfied clients!




Alex J. Gomez
Chairman RE/MAX Malaysia

The training and knowledge sharing within RE/MAX does help Estate Agents and Negotiators to establish their name, organise their work to grow with the company to higher levels of professionalism and eventually achieve higher incomes.

Andre Keller
Regional Director RE/MAX Malaysia

We are convinced that co-operation between agents will professionalize the real estate industry in Malaysia.

Michael Polzler
Managing Director, RE/MAX Europe

Nobody in the world sells more Real Estate than RE/MAX.

Taco Heidinga
CTO and Partner, RE/MAX Malaysia

Our goals, our dreams, and the spirit of our organization and our values are really all about our network.

Amanda Goh
CTO and Partner, RE/MAX Malaysia

At the core what Remax wants to do is create a platform, the gathering place of the best people in the industry."

Your benefits as a RE/MAX agent

Strong Brand

More than 100,000 agents work under the logo of the world-famous RE/MAX hot air balloon, in over 6,700 offices across more than 95 countries. As the number one real estate company, nobody sells more properties worldwide.

Corporate culture & network

One for all, all for one: at RE/MAX we see ourselves as one giant team. Our agents are networked with one another, help each other and share their ideas and experiences – both digitally and at our local, national and international meetings and events.

Career Training

As a RE/MAX agent, you will enjoy first-class training opportunities at each stage of your career. A wide variety of different training programs are designed to bring out the best in each individual, to impart skills, strategies and valuable knowledge, enhancing your success as a result.


More than 100,000 agents work under the logo of the world-famous RE/MAX hot air balloon, in over 6,700 offices across more than 95 countries. As the number one real estate company, nobody sells more properties worldwide.


Your back office is equipped with our highly professional technology, which supports you with ready-to-use platforms and systems in all areas of your work.

Shared pool of knowledge

As part of the RE/MAX family, you will benefit from the consolidated know-how of our entire network. Learn from other agents – and pass your own expertise on to others. Together we are strong!

In business for yourself, but not by yourself

As an agent at RE/MAX you work on an independent basis, but can always rely on the support of our global network. We set the framework for you to enjoy maximum flexibility and build up your own successful business.


Work together with other agent colleagues! One represents the buyer in sale, whilst the other supervises the seller. The greatest possible satisfaction for your clients – and faster revenues for you!

Kick-start your career with RE/MAX

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